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Danielle Azcona, Director of Transportation


Transportation FAQ’s

  1. Does my child receive transportation?

    Transportation to and from school is a free service provided to the community. Any student who lives 1 mile or more from their school will receive this service. There are “danger streets” (i.e. Main St, Ridge Rd, Cline) without crossing guards that are accounted for if the student is in elementary school. The students who live on the “danger streets” also receive transportation.

  2. Where will my child get on and off the bus?

    Bus stops are centrally located in an area where there are multiple students. If the residence is on a street with no sidewalks, then the stop will be in front of that residence. There are special arrangements for students with special needs that have a Special Needs Transportation (SNT) form on file. The bus stops for the students with special needs are determined on an individual basis.

  3. Where are the crossing guards located?

    Crossing guards are stationed at Wiggs & Elm, Glen Park & Jay, Minter & Broad, Lillian & Oak, 40th & Indiana, and Broad & Elm. These are provided through Griffith Police Department.

  4. What time should my student go out for the bus?

    Each bus stop is assigned a specific “stop time”. Students should be out at the stop location 10 minutes prior to this time. Once that time is passed, the bus will leave to continue their route. The driver cannot wait for students that are just walking out to the stop at the assigned “stop time”.

  5. What is the policy for dropping students off after school?

    Students are dropped off at the same location they are picked up. K & 1st grade students’ parents are to be present at the bus stop when his/her child is dropped off. If a parent is not there to get the child, the driver will take them back to the school. The school will contact the parent to let them know this information.

  6. Where does my child get a bus pass?

    Bus passes are incorporated into the students’ school ids. If the student does not get a bus assigned to them at registration, they will need to go to the jr/sr high school office to get their id reissued. Bus passes will be enforced after the first month of school, and the students are notified when this will start.

  7. Can my child ride a different bus or get on/off at a different stop?

    Because of safety reasons, this cannot be done unless transportation is notified ahead of time. Each situation will be assessed on an individual basis, and then a decision will be made. There are forms that need to be filled out with information so this decision can be documented for the school and the driver. Students cannot get on or off at a different stop without approval.

  8. What authority does a bus driver have?

    There is a certain code of conduct that students are made aware of for safe transport while on the bus. Bus drivers and aides are to be treated with the same respect as a teacher. If a student does not adhere to this code of conduct or treats the driver, aide, or another student disrespectfully or harms another individual in any manner, they will be written up. After three write ups, the student can receive a bus suspension. If the behavior does not change, the student will lose their transportation services. The driver and aide have the authority to assign a seat to a student for safety reasons.