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Mobile Device Agreeement

Mobile Device User Agreement (Student/Parents)  

Student and/or Parents that are issued a mobile device from the Griffith Public Schools (hereinafter referred to as the “District”) will be responsible for following the guidelines outlined below. The device will be issued for a period of time that will be determined by the District. The device that is issued can be used inside and outside of the District in order to improve and enhance education within the District.  

* Any devices issued to any Student and/or Parents of the District remains the property of the District. The device will be returned to the Technology Department of the District at the end of school year or enrollment within the District, or upon request by any Administrator of the District.  

* The device may be connected to non-District wireless/wired networks. The support for this connection may be limited by the District.  

* Student and/or Parents are responsible for any damage or loss of any device or related equipment/accessories. (See below)

* Student and/or Parents will pay the full cost of repair or replacement of a device if damaged/lost/stolen. (See below)

* Damaged/lost/stolen devices should immediately be reported to the Technology Department of the District.  

* The end user assumes all responsibility for safety, security, and confidentiality of data on the device.  

* The device is not to be altered in any way that violates the warranty or the acceptable use policy.  

* The acceptable use policy can be found on the District website.  

* Do not write on, mark on or decorate the devices in any way.  

* The District reserves the rights to audit, examine, monitor, or recall devices at any time and for any reason.  

* If you have any question about the device please contact the Technology Department of the District.  

Consequences for failure to follow procedures may result in loss of the device, and/or appropriate disciplinary action. 


Exhibit A 2024-2025

iPad and Case with AppleCare Original Cost $362.95

iPad Only Replacement Cost $320.47 if lost or intentionally damaged

iPad replacement if accidentally Damaged $49.00

iPad Case Only $42.48

iPad Year 2 Replacement Cost $290.36

iPad Year 3 Replacement Cost $232.29