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Crown Counseling will be returning to provide therapy services for Grifith Public Schools.  We have examined many of our practices to ensure that they are able to support both in person and online services should the need arise.  As a result, we have changed our referral process somewhat, with the most notable change being the omission of all paper forms.     For any client that is not currently open with Crown or any new client, we have planned for our entire referral and intake process to be completed electronically.  I have included the Crown referral process in the link below:   I have also included the link to the Crown Counseling Initial Request for School Counseling Services  (this form completely filled out by parent/guardian will start the referral process for a student).  This link/form should be sent out via email by the school to the parent to allow them to fill it out to initiate the request for services. Once the form is sent out to the parent/guardian,  the referring school personnel should send an email to : to let me know the name of the student that they sent the google form to, so I can keep track of who did not fill out the initial contact form.  Subject line in this email should include the words New Referral and the referring  School Name Please find the Initial Request for School Counseling Services form link below:


First page of the PDF file: GriffithPSFlyer