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Accessibility Statement


Griffith Public Schools is committed to making all information on this website accessible to all users, including people with disabilities. 

Our website editors make every attempt to address as completely as possible the needs of users with blindness, low vision, color deficit or distortions, deafness, hearing loss, cognitive limitations, reading disabilities, speech impairments, paralysis, weakness, and other problems with movement and coordination of limbs, photosensitivity, and combinations thereof.

Our website editors develop content to ensure that:

  • Images have text equivalents

  • Sites are functional without using a mouse

  • Text is of high contrast and adequate size

  • Titles, headings, and labels indicate navigation

  • Operation and navigation is consistent

  • Photos or videos do not exceed more than three flashes per second

  • Written content does not require a reading level beyond a lower-secondary education

  • Background audio is not used

  • Captions are provided in videos

  • Easily distinguishable background and foreground sound in videos

If you find a portion of this website to be inaccessible, please contact