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Griffith Education Foundation

About The Foundation

Griffith Public Schools
Educational Foundation

Board of Directors
President: Ryan Sutton
Vice President: Brooke Sanders
Secretary: Donna Polites
Treasurer: Liz Goral
Griffith Education Foundation Grant Application

Thank You!


GPS Educational Foundation History:

Our Foundation was founded in 1984. Please join us this year in doing all we can to help the students of Griffith Public Schools achieve academic greatness. We have an annual membership drive, where donors contribute amounts from $25 to $1000.00. We also obtain funds from fees collected by the purchases of State of Indiana Education license plates.

In addition, The Annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, next scheduled for  February 23, 2018, has evolved into a true family fun – community spirit event.    It is always well attended.   We recognize Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance students by giving them free admission to the dinner.


All of the money raised flows directly back to our students and faculty, through grants, staff development and direct scholarships.

Quality Education:

You Can Make A Difference!

The Griffith Public Schools Educational Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization, which assists, but is not a part of, or controlled by, the Griffith Public Schools. It has just one function: to promote educational excellence in the Griffith Public Schools. It does this by providing funds for activities, which are not normally funded through tax sources – for activities beyond the basic curriculum. In this way, it benefits the boys and girls of Griffith – your children!

Griffith has outstanding public schools:

1. Graduates go on to successful college careers

2. Students achieve high test scores year after year

3. Schools receive state cash incentive awards

4. Recent state accreditation of all schools without exception

These factors are all evidence that our schools are good, strong, academic institutions.

There are ways to move to even higher levels of excellence, however, and the Foundation is playing a crucial role in helping the schools attain even higher levels of performance. Teacher grants totaling over $20,000.00 were awarded by the Foundation for the 2015-16 school year, as well as several thousand more in funding for Staff Development Training for all Griffith teachers. In addition, the Foundation continues to support twelve scholarships, which award direct scholarships totaling $15,000 to graduating seniors each spring.

Now in our 31st year, the Foundation has awarded over $450,000.00, to our educators and staffs, to assist them in providing the highest quality education and continued academic excellence for the students of the Griffith Public Schools.

Please join us! Become a member by direct donation or by purchasing Indiana Education license plates. Come out and support our activities and help us help the children of Griffith.